Beyond Blind Website

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I had a bunch of fun creating, a tool to help students learn about blindness and other visual impairments. The site, envisioned by Matt Lauterbach and designed by Holle Andersen features an interactive interview with a visually impaired person, FAQs about blindness, science guides about 6 different visual impairments, an etiquitte game created by […]

70 Acres in Chicago Website

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I just finished work on the brand new website for 70 Acres in Chicago, a great new documentary film by Ronit Bezalel. One thing I loved about this project was working with all the great photos from her filmmaking journey. I’m excited to see this film in the wild now that it’s released!

New Protect Our Defenders Website

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I was proud recently to work on a major site refresh for Protect Our Defenders, a great nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating rape and sexual assault in the military. In particular they’ve done great work trying to reform the military’s sexual assault justice system. I’m proud to have worked with them since the organization was […]

New Otus Website

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I recently put together a new revamped website for Otus, an educational iPad app company. It has a very long onepage-style vertical scrolling homepage which was fun to build. I also enjoyed working with Robin from Cumulo Creative who designed it.

New Radical Grace Film Website

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I’m super excited to launch the new Radical Grace documentary film website that I built for Interchange Productions. I had a lot of fun working to meet our deadline, which was the day that Hot Docs announced this documentary about American nuns staring down a Vatican reprimand was going to screen there. The beautiful art […]

Illumitex LED Lighting Promo Videos

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I had a great time recently shooting video for a Texas-based company called Illumitex. They make super efficient LED lights that are used in indoor growing environments for vertical farms. Their light is optimized for a specific part of the color spectrum which is why they’re such a neat purple color. For the video above […]

Experience Salon Success Website

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I built the Experience Salon Success website for a new client, TeleTime Video. It’s an e-commerce website where you can purchase DVDs or pay to unlock streaming video business education series tailored towards salon and span owners. In the past I’ve used PayPal (ugh, it doesn’t even merit a link) and Square Market as payment […]

Sriracha Heaven

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There’s not a huge amount to say about this little website I cooked up recently: I just really love sriracha hot sauce. And thus, Sriracha Heaven was born! I did have a bunch of fun creating the custom WordPress theme though, as well as researching all the different sorts of sriracha products that exist for […]

Chicago Marathon Highlight Video

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Last week I had a blast co-producing the official 2014 Chicago Marathon video for my friends over at Storyview with my friend Nick Nummerdor of Little Cabin Films. To see how last year’s video turned out (which I also co-produced), click the image link above to watch it on the Bank of America website. It’s […]

Prisoner of Her Past Website

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Prisoner of Her Past is a great documentary by the esteemed team over at Kartemquin Films. This is the second site I’ve built for them (the first being ’63 Boycott), I always enjoying working with the folks over there. The site features an extensive screening history and host-your-own screening materials, as well as updates about […]

Otus Plus landing page

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This is a small landing page I built in a few hours for an educational iPad app company that’s rebranding. It has some features as well as a lead collecetion mechanism. Turned out nicely for only a few hours of work. Client: Otus / Amdur Spitz & Associates

About The Daily Background

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The Daily Background was a progressive political blog I started in 2005 as a freshman in college, it received more than 1 million hits across 7,450 posts. I stopped regularly posting in 2010 about a year after I graduated and began working full time. I’ve now retired the blog and the domain redirects here […]

Radical Grace Film Website

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Radical Grace is a documentary by Rebecca Parrish and Interchange Productions about three irrepressible nuns who find themselves at odds with the Vatican on social issues. I built a new website for the project that matched the branding done by graphic designer Julie Lewis. Client: Interchange Productions

US National Archives Photo Contest

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A few years ago, I entered a contest sponsored by the US National Archives. The challenge was to take one of their historic photos and visit the location where the photo was taken (decades ago), and re-contextualize that image within the contemporary environment. In other words, basically just to take a new photo at the […]

’63 Boycott Documentary Website

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I recently built a website for Kartemquin Films, the prominent Chicago documentary nonprofit organization. ’63 Boycott is a documentary in progress about the largest demonstration in Chicago history; the 1963 Chicago Public Schools boycott over segregated classrooms. One of the neat features on this site is the ability for visitors who participated in the boycott […]

“Sister” Fundraising Microsite

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This is the fundraising microsite I built for Rebecca Parrish of Interchange Productions documentary film “Sister” (working title) was about to begin production in Rome. Their trip was pre-planned but it just happened to co-incide with the announcement of the new pope. Crazy timing! Impressively, Rebecca’s goal of $25,000 has almost been met! The film […]

One Hope United Website

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This is a website I built for One Hope United, the foster care/child welfare nonprofit. They have some unique challenges because the organization is geographically spread out across four states with different but similar programs in each state. So our team had to come up with a solution to make that clear– something their old […]

Mrs Judd’s Games Website

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The Mrs Judd’s Games website features games by KBooM! Games imprint Mrs Judd’s Games. Mrs Judd, a retired master teacher, designs educational iPad apps for parents and classrooms. The site I built also features some videos I shot and edited. The site was designed by the very skilled Beth Keller Stein. Client: Mrs Judd’s Games/Amdur […]

Food Patriots Website

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Food Patriots is a website I built for Groundswell Educational Films, a Chicago-based documentary nonprofit organization. The site was designed by Six, a British design firm. Food Patriots is an upcoming documentary by Groundswell that I’ve also been involved in helping to shoot and do post production work on. More on this later. It will […]

Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls

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I shot and edited this little video for One Hope United staring Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah who supports their foster care programs. Joakim was a super laid back nice (and tall) guy. His mom couldn’t have been nicer too. Here’s a behind the scenes photo: Client: One Hope United/Amdur Spitz & Associates

Protect Our Defenders Website

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Protect Our Defenders, whose website I built, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to reform the way rape and sexual assault are handled within the US military. It’s shocking not only how widespread of a problem it is but also how poorly it’s handled under the current system where commanding officers are basically acting as […]

Mrs Judd’s Games Videos

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Frances Judd is a really cool retired kindergarden master teacher. I’ve shot and edited some videos for Mrs Judd’s Games (subsidiary of the Chicago-based game company KBooM! Games). The impact of technology on education is pretty interesting. The first time I can really remember using a computer in a classroom was in fifth grade– this […]

The Forgotten History Blog

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The Forgotten History Blog is a little blog I started as a hobby project a few years ago with some curious anecdotes I never learned in school. Research is one of my passions so writing little items for it is pretty fun for me. Interestingly it’s had a few hundred thousand hits and was even […]


Posted on Posted in Web Stuff is a cute little website I built which helps creative types find free music, images and footage to use in their work. It has a search engine, although at the moment the browse feature is probably more useful because there’s only about 50 sources indexed. Users can also submit a website if they know […]